Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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Welcome to the new era; gone are the days when energy was owned either by commercial developers or community groups, but seldom in partnership between the two.

Shared ownership brings benefits to both developers and communities

When commercial companies and community groups work together to develop local energy projects, there can be huge benefits for all.

  • The developer gains increased local acceptance and a higher probability of consent; also a new source of finance from the community investors.
  • Communities can join new projects and learn from the expertise of developers.
  • Joint projects up to 10MW in total can be eligible for Feed-in Tariffs (see more here and this map)

National context

Shared community ownership of sustainable energy assets has been common in some parts of the world for several years. The UK now intends to adopt this approach more widely, following a commitment in the government's 2014 Community Energy Strategy.

The Strategy requires developers of significant new renewable energy projects to offer a share of ownership to the community.

A voluntary protocol has now been established to achieve this.

This website

This website is co-hosted by Community Energy England and Local Energy Scotland. It describes the voluntary protocol, and provides additional information and support to accelerate its implementation.

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Protocol: the voluntary code; what it says and how it works

Show how your projects comply

Finding partners:

Developers finding communities

Communities finding projects

Guides and information:

For developers: guidance notes, consenting, meeting the protocol, information sources

For communities: guidance notes, how to partner in projects, information sources

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Shared community ownership of renewable energy systems

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