Communities' guide to the protocol

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Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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Communities' guide to

Shared Community Ownership protocol

The document on the left is downloadable for reference by communities

Key points to remember

  • Consider where and how you would be interested in shared ownership and register here

  • Understand your partner's viewpoint and be prepared to work within his project timetable

  • Decide early if you want shared ownership options and consider your upper and lower financial limits

  • Consider other participation options especially if you don't want ownership or are concerned about the finances required

  • Be ready to mobilse local support in the planning process and at other stages

  • Be flexible in your negotiations with the developer

  • Give yourself as much time as you need to raise the capital for your shared ownership contribution

Guidance under CARES

Local Energy Scotland's module on Community Investment in commercial projects is available here.