Developers' guide to the protocol

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Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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Developers' guide to

Shared Community Ownership protocol

The document on the left is downloadable for reference by developers

Key points to remember

  • Be familiar with your obligations under the voluntary protocol
  • Register your projects here to start the compliance process and find local partners
  • Engage with the community at the earliest possible stage in the project
  • Be prepared to offer various shared ownership options and consider the upper and lower financial limits
  • What governance and minority protection arrangements are appropriate for the model(s) you agree with the community?
  • Consider other participation options especially where the community isn't looking for ownership or is concerned about the finances required
  • Be clear about the community input you expect to help your project gain support in the planning process and at other stages
  • Be flexible in your negotiations with the community partner
  • Keep your funders and potential project purchasers informed about the community relationship
  • Ensure your timetable is sufficiently flexible to synchronise with the community contribution to the project