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Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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In this section:

Consenting - how to frame your planning and connection applications to accomodate the shared community ownership voluntary protocol

[Coming soon] Case studies

Benefits for developers of shared community ownership

Developers who pursue shared community ownership constructively should gain substantial advantages for their projects.


Community involvement at an early stage in the project should enable you and your partners to mobilise substantial local support for the planning application. While pure commercial projects often get more objections than support, the reverse is typically true for community projects.

Financial contribution

Developers are not expected to hand over the community's share of ownership for nothing; it will be paid for on a 'fair price' basis. This therefore reduces the funding required from your traditional sources, and diversifies the sources of finance.

Community investors typically deploy a higher proportion of equity to their projects than is common in the commercial sector; and this too can bring benefits with respect to the terms of your non-equity funding.

Exit route

With substantial growth in community energy, developers should be looking to the sector as an alternative outlet for its projects and can use shared ownership to build broader partnerships.

Mutually beneficial partnership

Of course the community enterprise will also benefit from the partnership, as further described here. This section of the website gives further guidance on how to find suitable partners and to obtain the best outcome for your partner and yourselves.