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Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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Shared ownership is a new 'third way'

Shared community ownership is an exciting new alternative, with benefits for both partners; but it is not the only approach.

Stand-alone commercial and community projects will continue to be developed even when the voluntary protocol is in force.

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Community Energy Strategy

Shared Ownership Taskforce

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Shared Ownership – the context

Shared community ownership

Shared community ownership of sustainable energy assets has been adopted in some parts of the world for several years. In Denmark, for example, there is a legal obligation on developers to make 20% of their projects available for shared community ownership.

Here in the UK there have been some examples of this approach on a voluntary basis, starting with Baywind in 1996. The approach is now being rolled out more widely further to the government's:

Community Energy Strategy

The UK government published its Community Energy Strategy in January 2014, as detailed here. It included the statement that:

"We expect that by 2015 it will be the norm for communities to be offered the opportunity of some level of ownership of new, commercially developed onshore renewables projects."

To support this strategy, the government appointed a:

Shared Ownership Taskforce

The role of the Taskforce, as further described here, is to define the framework for achieving this shared community ownership objective, and to monitor its progress.

The Taskforce will be reporting shortly and will recommend a:

Voluntary protocol for Shared Community Ownership

as further described here.