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Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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Representative services

Regional intermediaries

In South-West England - Regen SW

In Oxfordshire - Low Carbon Hub

National facilitators

Note: Facilitators have various business models - assess which best suit your own project needs.

Support for finding partners and implementing the protocol

Representative organisations

The leading community energy organisations in England and Scotland have active programmes to help both developers and communities find suitable partners for projects.

The two organisations are trialling slightly different approaches, but are working in tandem with a view to developing a merged facility, when the best approach has become clear.

Outside Scotland

Community Energy England has portals open to registration for:

During the trial phase, the association is matching these opportunities manually (unlike on-line dating) and making introductions.

Within Scotland

Local Energy Scotland is trialling an:

This facilitates online matching by the participants.

Other intermediaries

Several of the organisations, which support the establishment of community energy projects, can also help developers find suitable partners for shared ownership projects. Like the national associations above, the leading facilitators listed on the right will:

  • Help developers find existing community groups in the relevant area
  • Investigate opportunities for the creation of new groups, and help them get established
  • Where no suitable group is found, confirm the developer's compliance with the protocol

Some renewables trade associations can also help direct developers to partner-finding services