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Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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Shared community ownership

News about shared community ownership of renewable energy

Summary of timeline for shared community ownership protocol

January 2014: Community Energy Strategy launched

Spring 2014: Shared Ownership Taskforce established

June 2014: Taskforce issues draft report for consultation - see coverage here

3rd November 2014: Taskforce report published - see copy here

6th November 2014: Taskforce report received by Secretary of State

13th November 2014: DECC announcement on 5+5 MW split projects (see also our map)

12th February 2015: Royal assent for the Infrastructure Act

27th February 2015: Formal government response to Taskforce report

18th March 2015: 2015 Budget & FCA announcement - see newsletter

19th March 2015: Community Energy Strategy update - see newsletter

Other news about shared community ownership of energy projects

Forthcoming events:

Registration & tax relief for community energy groups: London 30th March

Next shared ownership seminar: Leeds 22nd April

Other news in reverse date order:

23-Mar-15: Third SCO-RES newsletter

03-Mar-15: We publish this map of solar sites potentially suitable as split projects under FiTs

27-Feb-15: Second SCO-RES newsletter

12-Jan-15: First SCO-RES newsletter

Early Jan 15: Committee stage of Infrastructure Bill - see CEE briefing

30-Oct-14: Guidance for commercial developers published - see here

23-Oct-14: Guidance for community partners published - see here; and coverage here

14-Aug-14: CEE says shared ownership 'need not be a burden' - see here

Local Energy Scotland's Community Investor Module

This resource under Scotland's Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) describes how communities can invest in commercial renewables projects and is available here.