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Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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New approaches

We will report on other shared community energy models as they emerge

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DECC guide to community ownership



Other approaches

The protocol is not intended to be prescriptive about the models which partners should use to meet the objective of shared community ownership.

It is hoped and expected that new models will emerge, which may be combinations of the three models described on the previous pages, or entirely new concepts. They will be accepted under the protocol as long as they meet the definition of shared community ownership.

Mixed capital

The most obvious form of ownership (and that adopted in the first two models described on the previous pages) is in the form of an equity stake in the project or the company that undertakes it. However capital can also be deployed as debt, and there are also approaches which combine equity with debt.

We hope soon to be able to report on new approaches where community enterprises can attract members and capital (in the form of equity and/or debt) using crowdfunding platforms.

New models

Other novel approaches, or combinations of the models described in this section, are bound to emerge as the protocol becomes more widely adoptes.

Participation which does not amount to shared community ownership

This is just a reminder that the voluntary protocol recognises that not all communities will be ready or willing to enter into a shared ownership relationship.

Others may prefer to adopt some of the non-ownership approaches, which allow for collaboration in other ways, such as those referenced here.