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Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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Map of planned solar projects

These projects, if not completed and registered under the RO (Renewables Obligation) before 1st April 2015, can no longer be supported under the RO or the Feed-in Tariffs, unless they are configured as split projects with a community share.

Taken from the government's renewable energy planning database, these projects:

  • had been submitted for planning consent
  • some have been approved
  • had not yet started construction
  • were originally planned to be between 6 and 12 MW

However, please note:

  • The database tends to lag by a few weeks so some of the projects listed may already be in construction or complete
  • Projects which were consented several months ago (and others) may be on-hold for other reasons (e.g. problems obtaining a grid connection)

Click on the icons to list the developer, and the planning authority, reference and status (according to the database).

Community groups may wish to contact the developer and/or the planning authority to identify any of these sites suitable for development as split ownership projects.

Solar projects potentially suitable for split ownership