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Shared Community Ownership

of Renewable Energy systems

All about shared community ownership under the Community Energy Strategy's voluntary protocol

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The voluntary protocol

Our summary of the current version of the voluntary protocol is shown on the left and can be downloaded here.

The document has been prepared in this form by members of the Taskforce to make it easier for developers and communities to understand and implement the shared community ownership protocol.

This version leaves out much of the detail, background and rationale, given in the full final report of the Shared Ownership Taskforce. It also makes some specific suggestions on how to approach some aspects which the Taskforce report covers only in general terms.

Further Information

The full Taskforce report can be seen here

Our document contains hyperlinks to additional resources on this website and elsewhere. Key links are:

Definitions and acronyms

Intermediaries for finding partners

Guidance notes for developers

Guidance notes for communities